The House on Serpent Lake - Brenda Hill

This book is beautifully written.It transports you into  the story.


In the night, the lake stretched out like a black silky ribbon, and the full moon rose high in the sky, creating a kaleidoscope of indigo and gray patterns as it passed through the night clouds.Strips of silver reflections shimmered on the water.



Tenderness and longing is so well expressed.


He came to her when the moon was high, this time taking the chance of lying beside her sleeping form.This was the woman he loved, the one for whom he had waited decades to return.Barely touching, he tenderly traced the curve of her lips...




She’d captured a face, a young man with Nordic features.It was the love—and sadness—in his eyes that tore her heart... 





The romantic parts are gentle and erotic.


As she drifted into sleep, she dreamed of making love in the gazebo under the full moon, just like they’d done...The air in the bathroom changed, became heavy and faintly crackling as if charged with electrical tension.The light flicked off and a faint spicy aroma grew until it filled the room.Strong arms went around her and pulled her to a muscular body.He laid her gently against the back of the tub and nuzzled her neck, just below her ear, and sent shivers to her toes... 






I love some parts of this book and hate some parts of it so I'm giving it 3.5 stars.

From this point, my review will contain spoilers.


*Lindsay is a sensible, intelligent woman.She has her own demons and insecurities.In the beginning/middle she was very loving and understanding towards her husband.Then suddenly she wants to leave her husband for a ghost (whom is has known for a short period of time) because she thinks she's the ghost's reincarnated lover.




I can understand her sympathy and desire towards the ghost but this is just ridiculous.


*The reincarnation part of this book felt just plain awful to me.






*Infinite Spirit, Heading towards the light, Calling her crotch his "place of worship"...


I have no words, except that I hate this stuff.


*What the hell was up with that ending?I thought Galen had left then what the ending imply?That Gary is Galen's reincarnation?