A Girl Like Me - Swati Kaushal

Lets take a look at the blurb:


A Girl Like Me is an unforgettable story, crackling at every turn with the heartbreak and promise—and the breathless exuberance—of teenage life.




Let me enlighten you as to what exuberance means


joyful enthusiasm.


I hate this book.Theres nothing breathlessly joyfully enthusiastic about it!


Ani is like this all the time




The only time  Ani is happy is when this other chick whines like an idiot.And the purple prose...*rubs eyebrow*


At night,if you were alone,it[time] would run amok.It would fling out its arms and turn cartwheels on the snow,it would dance backwards and forwards and round and round and take you spinning along with it.And then,just as suddenly,it would spit you out and leave you cold. 


This book drags so much that it is migraine inducing.I kept on reading it because I paid for it so I might as well read it