Beautiful Monster - Bella Forrest


Ain't that the truth.


This part may spoil things for you.Someone in this book gets mad at someone else for keeping a secret which is understandable but the secret is such a...predictable crazy shit that you can't just blab it to someone.Like how do you just go "I know this is neither here nor there, but I...uh...I turn into this horror movie creature at night.Not that I'd ever hurt you, my love."


Plus points:

*Amy is a caring person most of the time.At other times she is very insensitive  and she focuses on her dreams.She realizes that she doesn't need Liam all the time to have a happy life.

*Liam gives Amy unconditional love and support.


This story didn't do much for me.At one point Amy says something like "this wasn't how relationships were supposed to be" didn't she make it clear that their relationship was over?I got this for free on Amazon and if its still free you could give it a try to see if you like it.