When Blood Calls - J.K. Beck

This wasn't a complete waste of my time because the plot was pretty good with many supernatural creatures and a hot hero with an interesting past.I didn't like the heroine.She finds out that all kinds of supernatural creatures really do exist and she's all



and then she's excited that she is going to be antagonizing creatures stronger than her prosecuting them.


How thrilling!




She was also a self righteous hypocrite who looked down upon a poor girl who had the misfortune to be a vampire's victim.


Also, please go for some other PNR if you are looking for steamy sex because the sex in this book is not very good.


"...if she didn't cling to him her body would explode..."
"She exploded.Shattered."




I had high expectations!I thought  their "explosive night of ecstasy" would be...you know..interesting.Half naked hottie on the cover made me read this,


I never learn.