Perfection (Neighbor from Hell #2) - R.L. Mathewson

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 I read up to roughly 75% before I gave up.





*Rant with spoilers*

Perfection is the story of Trevor Bradford who is disgusted at himself for being strongly attracted to a plus size woman.Not to annoy you to death or anything, but Trevor is a very handsome, very sexy, very attractive manly man.




He thinks that simply because he looks so good he can do anything he wants.He judges everyone around him.He dislikes that his cousin and his friend changed after falling in love and love their wives.

A list of unacceptable things Trevor does:

*He burns Zoe's t-shirt without her knowledge simply because he doesn't like it.
*He is disgusted by his attraction to her but isn't disgusted by his behavior when he goes through her lingerie before their arrangement.
*He barges in when she is showering before she agrees to his arrangement.

Its okay for him to be nice to her out of pity but not okay if she were simply being polite without being attracted to him.

He knew he mostly viewed her as a tenant and employee, but he hadn't known that she only saw him as a boss and landlord, one apparently that she made small talk with to be polite.That knowledge pissed him off in the worst possible way.

She is should always hold his opinions in the highest esteem.If he implies that she is too unattractive to be seen with him in public, then she must accept it.She shouldn't even buy a dog leash which she likes.His opinions must always be above everything else.

"If I say you're beautiful then you're beautiful so get the hell over it!" he snapped.

After that he tells her to get out and apologize.

"Apologize to you? For what?" she asked, sitting up to kneel beside him.

"For what?" he repeated, stunned. "I call you beautiful and you dare to doubt my word?

Narcissistic fucking son of a bitch!

He is so ashamed that he wants her, so ashamed to be seen with her because she doesn't measure up to his standards.

"She's not good for me.She doesn't even come close to what I'm looking for,"he pointed out.

This after spending months with her.Why should she accept his compliment?How many times has he made feel her beautiful?

I've never been an Edward Cullen fan, but after reading about how Trevor Bradford treats Zoe, I have a new respect for Edward.He might be a creepy, obsessive stalker and his relationship with Bella might be unhealthy, but he never pitied her.Even when she didn't look the way society would consider beautiful he adored her and treated her with gentleness and love and was always being careful not to hurt her.

Back to asshole Trevor.

Did she think he was really a heartless bastard that he'd give her food poisoning and not take care of her?

Okay, any other woman and he would have probably shrugged it off...

I also remember reading a line which said that women annoyed the shit out of Trevor when they cried.

Really, ladies?Can't you see how annoying this is for him?And WTF are you doing being all depressed when you should clearly be running around at his beck and call, looking for ways to please him?



Everything must always be about him and only him.

There would be no "we" about it. He'd end things when she got too clingy, he tired of her, or he found her replacement.He didn't want to chance her falling for him and forcing him to break it off when he wasn't done with her delectable little body.


Plus if he was going to be honest with himself he'd have to admit that he was sick of all the work that it required to keep his hands off of her in public.Every time he wanted to touch her, hold her hand, or kiss her he had to remind himself that it wasn't like that between them and hold back.Denying himself what he wanted wasn't fun and he was done doing it.

He doesn't want to go public with their relationship because he can finally see Zoe for the sweet girl who is attractive in her own way.


He wants to go public because he can't stand not doing something he wants to do.

When she doesn't die of joy after he bossily tells her that she should move in with him, this is his reaction:

All the women in his past would have jumped for joy if he'd ever offered them the honor he was bestowing upon her and it was an honor, damn it!

I'm so fucking glad I'm single.

"I gave her a fucking place to live, a part-time job, I helped her find a job and I took care of her and she didn't do a goddamn thing for me," he said, getting more riled up as he paced the room. "Not one fucking thing!" he yelled, half hoping she'd hear him and come running back down the stairs so he could yell at her and make her see that she'd made a mistake.

In response to everything he did for her:
*She pays the rent.Its not like she is living there for free.
*Yes, its true that he recommended her to his uncle.But if he hadn't she would have found another job because she is an educated, independent, hard working woman.
*He hired her to do everything for him which she did!

She was his and she damn well knew it and she would remain his until he decided that he was done with her.





I don't think Zoe should be in this relationship.She shouldn't think so little of herself to put up with this kind of humiliating behavior. 

I don't find his behavior to be soul crushingly romantic.I can't even tell you how many times I pressed my lips together out of irritation while reading this "love story".

I'm going to get something to eat.