Untethered - Katie Hayoz








Whenever Sylvie experiences any strong emotion, her soul leaves her body and her body goes limp.This makes her a target for bullies at school and worries her parents, particularly her mother.Her dad is moving out and getting a divorce which makes Sylvie blame herself.She feels that if things weren't always so stressed because of her involuntary astral projecting, her dad wouldn't have left.



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That they'd still be the happy family they once were.


An emptiness eats its way through my insides.If it were just Sam, they’d still be together.

Sylvie's closest friend is Cassie whom she has known for eleven years.I love the parts that focused on their friendship.Cassie is one of my favorite characters.She is sweet and is always there for Sylvie.



Cassie is already lying on her back in the grass.I lie down in the opposite direction, the top of my head almost touching hers.How many times have we done this – met in the middle of the night, in her or my backyard, looked at the stars and talked?





She slipped her hand into mine.“I love you,” I whispered.Cassie gave my hand a squeeze.“And I think you’re better than normal.”



Sylvie is in love or so she thinks with Kevin, a popular guy at school, who once stood up to a bully for her.Kevin wants to be with Cassie and vice versa.

It appears that Cassie has everything Sylvie wants-beauty, the gorgeous guy and loving parents.

I love her.I hate her.I feel sorry for her.I envy her. 

So Sylvie plots to steal Cassie's life.

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So what happens now?Read to find out.Its free for kindle.

Reading this book was so satisfying.Every moment of helplessness, vulnerability, despair, jealousy, love, guilt is fantastically written.The behavior and character development is believable and really good.Its hard to hate any of the characters and easy to sympathize with them.The focus on Nelson isn't much but he is also my favorite.

Also, I really love that the paranormal part of this story is vague.